ARM Adventure Race Mexico is the toughest point-to-point stage mountain biking race in all of Latin America, 500 kilometers of mountain routes, more than 10 thousand meters. of accumulated altimetry, 5 magical towns, forests, deserts and jungles are witnesses of true mountain bikers who travel these trails, roads and paths. It crosses immense desert areas of dry and broken sand, climbs to the top of the Sierra Madre to the pine forest and fog, and descends to the thick jungle of one of the most beautiful ports in all of Mexico. Cross rivers and waterfalls push your bike and get back on it. The ARM is the only all-inclusive event with hotels and a camping area, meals and 100% logistical support within the route and on the days of the event.
What are the dates of the event?
The event will take place from Wednesday, November 16 to Tuesday, November 22, 2022
What is the program of the event?

Thursday, November 18
Arrival of runners to EL TEPEYAC headquarters area in Jalisco spring, Delivery of packages.
Friday November 19
Day 1.- 80 kilometers of forest and desert to ZACOALCO de TORRES.
Saturday November 20
Day 2.- CHRONOESCALADA 17 kilometers of ascent plus 20 kilometers of wooded route to JUANACATLAN
Sunday November 21
Day 3.- 100 kilometers 105 kilometers of mountain bike to UNION DE TULA.
Monday November 22
Day 4.- 70 kilometers to SAN MIGUEL DE LA SIERRA camping day
Tuesday, November 23
Day 5.- 80 kilometers to TALPA DE ALLENDE
Wednesday, November 24
Day 6.- CANOPY RIVER, 90 kilometers to Canopy River CANOPY RIVER to Puerto Vallarta CANOPY RIVER trucks will take the cyclists to the host hotel Hotel MIO.

How far is the race?
ARM Adventure Race Mexico is the toughest point-to-point stage mountain biking race in all of Latin America, 6 days long, 500 kilometers of mountain routes, more than 10 thousand meters. of accumulated altimetry, 5 magical towns, forests, deserts and jungles are witnesses of true mountain bikers who travel these trails, roads and paths.
What level of cycling experience do I need?
The level of experience depends on the level of results you want to achieve. There are people who just want to race for fun with their family and friends and there are those who want to compete for a position on the podium, the decision is completely yours.
What is the price for registration?
The all-inclusive event has a price of: April, May and June - $1,400 USD July, August and September - $1,500 USD October and November - $2,000 USD
What does the registration include?
  • Runner pack.
  • Sweater, socks.
  • finisher's medal
  • bike front number
  • Bike wash at the end of each stage
  • Basic bike mechanics only oil and minor adjustments.
  • Supply areas and/or aid stations, rehydrating drinks, fresh fruit and food Control points or medical and mechanical check points
  • Route 100% marked arrows and lines on the ground.
  • Route in GPX STRAVA and/or GARMIN
  • Hotel in the spring forest
  • Welcome dinner
  • Hotel in Zacolaco de Torres
  • Hotel in Juanacatlán
  • Hotel in Union de Tula
  • Camping area in San Miguel de la Sierra
  • Hotel in Talpa de Allende
  • Hotel MIO Puerto Vallarta
  • closing cocktail
  • Hanging bridge crossing
  • Welcome meal at CANOPY RIVER
  • Transportation CANOPY RIVER to the closing venue hotel.
  • Energetic breakfasts each and every day of the event.
  • Nutritious meals after each stage.
  • support vehicles
  • sweeping vehicle
  • Public security
  • Medical services
  • control chip
  • Cellular coverage in more than 80% of the route

ADDITIONAL SERVICES with extra cost Personal professional photography Specialized mechanics

Do I need a cycling license to participate?
No, a racing license is not necessary or required.
Is ARMTBike only for professional mountain bikers?
Not at all. ARMTBike is open to all fitness levels. Some will compete for prizes, others will do their best to break the limit. A stage race is all about doing the best you can whether you're racing for prizes or pushing the limit.
Is there a minimum age to participate?
Participants must be over 18 years old.
What kind of bike can I use for the event?
Mountain bike
What equipment do I need to bring to the event?
Rigid or double mountain bike in perfect condition Leg for spare derailleur Mtbike helmet Basic tool Glasses or sunglasses Mtbike gloves Mtbike shoes Inflation pump or Co2 cartridges Suitable clothing for the mtbike Windbreaker Jacket for cold weather Rest clothes Sandals Sleeping bag Articles of personal cleanliness Your suitcase or backpack must not exceed 25 kg.
Can I participate even if I don't want to compete?
Yes, we have the ARM Adventure modality, any rider of any age who wishes to participate as a ride with a time limit. Minimum age to participate 16 years with permission from your parent or guardian. Maximum age 80 years.
Can I participate to compete?
Yes, we have the ARM Race modality, race with time Travel the ARM route at full speed and win the trophy for being the first to reach the finish area of each stage. Only the first 3 places in each category will be awarded, if a minimum of 20 participants per category are gathered. Only in ARM RACE.
What are the categories to compete?
SOLO: solo riders MASTERS: both riders over 50 years of age Minimum age to participate 18 years
Will there be mechanical service?
Yes, after each stage there will be mechanics who will help you clean your bike and adjust it. There will be specialized mechanics in case something happened to your bike at an extra cost
Why Guadalajara, Jalisco?
It is the second most important city in Mexico, a city full of parties, happy and friendly people. Jalisco represents all of Mexico, Mariachi, Tequila and Fiesta are always part of our daily lives. That's why JALISCO IN MEXICO
How do I get to Guadalajara, Jalisco?
Getting to one of the most beautiful and joyful countries in the world is very simple, many countries have direct flights to Mexico City and daily flights to Guadalajara depart from there. Other countries fly directly to the city of Guadalajara Jalisco, it's a matter of checking itineraries and that's it!
What is the currency of Mexico?
The currency in Mexico is the Mexican peso, which is equivalent to 20 pesos for approximately 1 dollar, so coming to explore Jalisco on MTBike is quite cheap and very safe.
Where do you pick up the number and chip?
Thursday, November 18 Arrival of runners at the EL TEPEYAC headquarters area in La Primavera, Jalisco for the delivery of packages.
Can I bring a companion without him/her doing the race?

ARMT is a mountain biking event that promotes sport and family life. That is why we offer our brokers an offer for couples. Wives. Girlfriends or companions For only 700 USD (dollars) your companion can be present in each area of the ARM enjoying meals and lodging. As well as waiting for your rider in each town up to Puerto Vallarta and obtaining a preferential rate at the host hotel. ARMT is not responsible for providing a vehicle or guides to the companions, however, if a group of companions gathers, we can see the option of renting a special van for them at an additional cost. Each companion must have their own vehicle and travel the highways of the state of Jalisco from town to town to Puerto Vallarta. Or you can get the special rate at the PV host hotel. And wait there for your rider.

How is the weather in Guadalajara?
The climate is stable, but there may be climate changes in the mountain area, some rains and cold weather. The temperatures range between 5 degrees C to 40 degrees C. The hotel arrival zones are warm areas, between 11 degrees C. and up to 25 degrees C.
Are all necessary precautions being taken against COVID-19?

We will be taking a number of precautions to keep ARMTBike riders, staff, and volunteers safe.
The measures include social distancing, modifying aspects of the race to avoid congregations of people and avoiding contamination of surfaces. There will be disinfection filters and temperature taking, as well as cleaning with antibacterial gel. Upon your arrival to pick up the welcome pack, our staff will implement some sanitary measures that will include temperature controls, disinfection of clothes and feet, and use of antibacterial gel. The use of masks is mandatory to enter the exhibition area and must be worn at all times. Also make sure you respect all social distancing requirements. We ask that everyone help us complete these new health protocols for everyone's safety.